Saturday, August 8, 2015

The Exit Bar.

Can you keep a secret?

Across Greenbelt 1, in the Corinthian Plaza lies a secret bar in the heart of Makati known as the Exit bar - the Rolex shop can be a good place to start. From the name itself, you will get where the entrance of this hiding place is but choose wisely on which door you’ll enter as you might end up outside the building.

If you chose the correct door, you’ll be devoured by darkness, soft music and good vibes. The hostess will accompany you to your table and hands you the menu.  The place is not that big, just right if you’re going for a romantic date or seeking for a place wherein you can talk with your closest squad and avoiding the crowd.

When I visited – weekday, the place is not full wherein there will be moments you’ll feel you have the whole place as people come and go for quick escape, drinks and food although the place is also perfect for those long conversations you want to have.

They have a limited food served in the bar, mostly finger food but you can actually order from the cafĂ© outside. Their signature cocktails are really good with a reasonable price. We ordered De Rigueur, Old Sport and Easy Street – they never disappoint me and my friends. Their cocktails are really good which I’ll recommend you to try when you get there.

Remember that not all exits are endings; sometimes it is an entrance to somewhere else to begin something more.

Read intently, clues are everywhere. Seek and you will find.